Once a Maker,
Always a Maker.

Our community comes to Makers because they want to be a part of something and taste a different world of work. The community is there to hold you accountable and support you through this intensive, transformative experience.

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Meet our Chief Joy Officer

Dana is a holistic coach for students and staff, as well as our in-house yoga teacher, running Vinyasa sessions twice per week, and our meditation teacher, taught daily which is coupled with an emotional intelligence curriculum. Watch her interview to find out what makes Makers different, and read her blog on how Work Should Give You Energy


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Upcoming Events

Come and see what all the fuss is about! Visiting Makers is a great opportunity to meet students, coaches and soak in the Makers atmosphere.

Q&A for Prospective Students

26 August 2019
Makers London

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freeCodeCamp @ Makers – Free coding workshop

29 August 2019
Makers HQ, Shoreditch, London

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What People are Saying

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“Makers Academy not only teaches you the basics of software development but also how to learn on your own, how to cooperate and work with others and how to deal with any problems and blocks you may encounter while still learning or writing code. They also have a very good and supportive careers team, so you don’t just learn to code, but you can also find your first job with their support.”

Agata Golebiewska
Makers 2017

star star star star star

“Makers enabled me to change my life. I wanted to do something which I was passionate about, so I made the scary decision to change careers and pursue software development. I now work at one of the hottest tech startups and work with some of the most brilliant and talented people – building amazing solutions, learning at an accelerated pace and I love I what do. I never thought I would actually say that I look forward to going work.”

Costas Kiteou
Makers 2017

star star star star star

“Best three months of my life. I studied Python on my own for a year, but felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. Since my friends who went to Makers passionately recommended me, I decided to give it a go. Makers Academy Careers Team is just a bunch of gems. They work so hard to find hiring partners. I have never regretted my decision to join Makers and without this experience, my life and myself would’ve been so different. I’ve become such a confident, secure individual who is excited to start a new career.”

Chiaki Mizuta
Makers 2018

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