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Choose A Route To Suit You


During your time in the Makers Bootcamp, there’s one person that matters: You.

This is your career, and we’re here to ensure you achieve everything you’re aiming for - and more.

Following the initial 8-week Modern Software Engineering Foundation, you’ll choose from one of four areas in which to specialise:

Software Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Quality Engineering

Learn Remotely or In-House - The Choice Is Yours…

Here at Makers, we want to give you the best learning experience.

And that means ensuring you’re in the best learning environment.

People learn in different ways, with some of our students learning from home, whilst others join us in our London HQ.

But our training isn’t limited to those in capital. In fact, we train more people outside of the Big Smoke.

The important thing? The outcome remains the same: You’ll receive a stellar education and leave our Bootcamp primed for success.

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Unrivalled Access to Amazing Opportunities

There are many courses that provide students with the tools they need to succeed.

So, how are we different?

We’ve been doing it successfully for a decade, and have passed the test of time with flying colours.

When you graduate from the Makers Bootcamp, not only will you have expertise from best-in-class instructors, but you’ll also have access to our alumni, including CTOs and founders of exciting start-ups.

We don't just open doors; we introduce you to the people behind them.

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Why Choose Makers?

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Community At Our Core

The Makers alumni community is inclusive, supportive, and highly active. By joining Makers you’re joining a 3000 strong group of like-minded tech professionals who have taken the same journey into tech as you.

As the longest established coding bootcamp in Europe, we have deep roots into the industry, with our alumni now working as senior level tech professionals, returning to Makers to hire. As part of this community, you’ll have support from your first role in tech and throughout your career. There is a buzzing slack channel and regular events for graduates to network, connect and learn together. 

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Work With An Ambitious Employer

To be the best, you need to be amongst the best.

We’ve partnered with renowned brands across the country, paving the way for you to learn from leading practitioners in your chosen field.

Mediocrity isn’t an option. We deliver excellence.

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Holistic Job Hunting Support

We have a dedicated team of coaches on hand to help you land your first role in tech. 

We offer workshops, CV advice and Job Hunter Breakfasts and check-ins for our graduate community, to help you stay on track and navigate the job hunt, together.  

Our Partners

Join our growing list of employment partners who trust us with their hiring needs.

What Our Graduates Say

We've empowered over 3,000 aspiring tech professionals to kickstart their careers.

Our programs are packed with the knowledge and guidance you require to excel in your chosen field.

Hear from our graduates who changed career with Makers in their pursuit of fulfilling their tech career aspirations.

"When I was looking at the bootcamps I could apply to, I saw many bootcamps that promise "belonging to a community", but Makers truly provides that. Their approach to learning is so welcoming and unique, I've never experienced anything like this in my life (and I don't think I will again)."

Bootcamp Graduate Elliott Horton-Stephens, February 2023

"An amazing software development bootcamp with focus on industry best practices and collaboration. Provides you with the skills and support needed to land your first role in tech. Would highly recommend!"

- Moses Osho, February 2023

"A supportive and inclusive environment that helped me career switch into the tech. Self-directed learning allows you to personally and technically develop. The projects allowed us to mimic the work of junior developers, which really impressed interviewers and helped me land my current software developer role."

 - Sarita R, February 2023

See some of our Makers Bootcamp Graduates

Jake Pilikian

Software Engineer at Deloitte
Specialism Software development

Ellie Kelsch

Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify
Specialism Infrastructure engineering

Josh Blumberg

Software Engineer at Monzo
Specialism Software development

Debora Piu

Platform Engineer
Specialism Software development

Jake Pilikian

Software Engineer at Deloitte

Seeking a better work-life balance and higher earning potential, Jake transitioned from customer service to pursue a tech career in 2019. At Makers, he found a vibrant learning environment among passionate, ambitious peers. 

He says “During my time at Makers I learned to work with many different people with different learning styles, and the ability to pick up new technical ideas quickly. These skills have been instrumental in my professional growth.” 

Jake currently works as a Software Developer at Deloitte Digital, where he regularly applies the expertise gained at Makers to his day-to-day responsibilities. 

Ellie Kelsch

Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify

Ellie transitioned from Office Management to the tech industry, having worked in a role supporting an engineering team in a startup. Having navigated various administrative roles after dropping out of veterinary medical studies, she sought a more engaging career path. Exposure to tech at the startup prompted her to explore coding courses, eventually propelling her into changing careers. 

Reflecting on her Makers experience, she highlights the onsite, full-time format as pivotal for her motivation. The collaborative workshops provided a stimulating learning environment and a community of people to lean on for support. 

During her time at Makers, Ellie acquired skills including JavaScript programming, the basics of scrum and agile methodologies. Crucially, the course emphasized the importance of working as a team rather than as an individual contributor which has proven instrumental in her professional growth.

She says “At Makers they don’t just teach you how to code, they teach you how to teach yourself and that has been the biggest helping hand in my engineering career so far.” 

Ellie now works as an Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify having previously held engineering roles at Compare the Market and Lego. 

Josh Blumberg

Software Engineer at Monzo

Josh joined Makers in 2020, aiming to transition from digital marketing to a career in tech. His ambition was to move into a role where he could leverage his technical and analytical skills while minimizing the time he spent in meetings—a common aspect of his previous job in marketing.

Josh was initially drawn to Makers due to the focus on practical skills and employability. He found the group projects and workshops from experienced coaches the most beneficial and enjoyable.

While on the bootcamp, Josh developed a comprehensive skill set, including full stack development in a number of languages and frameworks and working in agile teams. Most importantly, he developed a drive to stay focused and committed to solving challenging problems.

Josh is currently a Backend Software Engineer at Monzo. He says "The skills I gained at Makers have played a vital role in my professional development and greatly contributed to my success as an engineer."

Debora Piu

Platform Engineer

Debora joined Makers in 2018, seeking a transition from the hospitality industry to tech. At Makers, she acquired tech skills that positioned her as a software engineer and facilitated her transition into platform engineering later in her career. The bootcamp instilled in her a focus on personal growth, helped her to identify and combat imposter syndrome and foster the confidence to confront challenges directly. Learning to trust the process and comprehend uncertainty became her secret weapons for problem-solving. 

Makers Academy's emphasis on continuous learning became her guiding principle in the constantly evolving tech industry. It transcends mere coding; possessing the right mindset is crucial for adapting and thriving amidst changes.

A pivotal takeaway from Debora's Makers experience was the significance of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. The bootcamp cultivated an environment where mistakes were not only tolerated but seen as invaluable learning opportunities. This journey not only endowed her with resilience to setbacks but also honed her ability to discern toxic work environments lacking the acceptance and growth derived from failure. This insight steered Debora towards workplaces committed to ongoing learning and personal development.

Regarding advice for individuals contemplating or embarking on a similar tech education or career transition journey, Debora advocates conducting thorough research and fostering a network. Connecting with fellow learners, mentors, alumni, or professionals can significantly impact one's journey.

Embracing the learning curve and acknowledging that growth often occurs beyond comfort zones is essential. She urges against being disheartened by initial challenges or fearing failure, instead encouraging individuals to learn from setbacks. Staying curious and updated on new technologies, tools, and methodologies is crucial to remaining pertinent in the industry.

Above all, Debora highlights that imposter syndrome is a common experience, emphasizing the importance of believing in one's potential and measuring progress against one's past self rather than seeking perfection. The journey, she stresses, is about progress—a continual improvement from week to week.

Debora is now based in Lisbon working as a Platform Engineer for AI startup, Beonic. 

Frequently asked questions

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How much do your courses cost?

Our 16 week bootcamp courses costs £8,500 (VAT included). We will ask you to pay the deposit and then the remaining fees in a lump sum.

  • The fee covers our 16 week bootcamp and ongoing job hunting support for 6 months after your Demo Day. 
  • The deposit is £850 - students should pay, at most, 7 days after they have received their acceptance to the course.
  • The rest of the fees need to be paid on the first day of the programme. 
  • We offer a 10% discount (£850) for women and gender minorities.
  • Food and lodging are not included in the price of tuition.
  • We partner with StepEx to provide financing options for eligible learners. 

What do I need in order to take part in the remote course?

When training remotely, each Makers student should make sure they have:

  • A laptop (we can lend you one!)
  • A good internet connection
  • A comfortable space to work from
  • Headphones and a microphone
  • Registered for a free Zoom account (
  • Downloaded the zoom client from that page (Resources > Download Zoom Client)
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How do Makers graduates compare to Computer Science degree undergrads?

At Makers we focus on learning to code in practical real life settings so your education is directly relevant to gaining a job in tech. We focus on key languages and skills including:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • GitHub
  • APIs
  • Object oriented programming
  • Pair programming
  • Test Driven Development

Conversely, CS programs tend to turn students into Computer Scientists (people with a deep understanding of how computers function). They typically cover:

  • Computer Science Theory
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Programming in Java
  • Operating System Design
  • Algorithms

Many of our hiring partners come to us to find talent as the content typically learned on CS programmes does not meet the needs of their team. 

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How do I maximise my chance of getting onto the bootcamp course?

If you think Makers is the bootcamp for you, there are a few steps to take before submitting your application to ensure you're in as good a position as possible to get onto the cohort you want. Click the button below to find out more detail;

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