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Introducing Our Makers:
Equipped and Ready For Action

We appreciate that time is of the essence.

Our course graduates, known as ‘Makers’, reap the benefits of comprehensive, team-based training inspired by real-life work scenarios, saving companies hours of valuable time otherwise spent scouring the market and onboarding newcomers.

Our graduates are good to go. Fit for purpose. Ready to hit the ground running.

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No Experience? No Problem…

All too often, applicants pursue dream roles, only to fall short, due to a lack of experience.

Not anymore.

Our courses fuel ambitions and propel professionals and companies to new heights. We encourage participants to pursue their passion, irrespective of their current career or industry experience.

Many of our aspiring tech professionals have no professional coding experience before joining Makers. Our in-depth training transforms students from raw prospects, to fully-fledged developers.

But we don’t just teach coding. We teach our participants how to learn, leading to fundamental adaptability and evergreen skillsets. This equips graduates with the knowledge needed to expedite their learning and quickly gain new skills.

Our training transforms lives. It’s the gateway for participants to showcase their skills within tech teams across every sector.

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Championing Diversity

We bring the cream to the top, without any boundaries.

We’re industry pioneers, gaining a status as the first company in Europe to prove it’s possible to become an engineer without an engineering degree.

Driven by our belief that it’s unfair and inefficient to have such a narrow supply, we’ve helped 3,000 successful graduates embark on a new career path. Our education community actively celebrates and acknowledge our differences, whilst our inclusive learning environment is built on foundations of diversity.

Our varied talent pool is a source of pride, and creates scope for our employment partners to benefit from innovative ideas and solutions.

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A Human-Centric Approach to Excellence

Here at Makers, we place value on delivering authentic learning experiences that live long in the memory.

Community and human-centricity are at the heart of our practice, with emotional intelligence a priority for user experience and immersive learning.

Essential Skills for Aspiring Experts

“It’s impossible to teach
people how to code. It’s only
possible to help them to
learn to code.”

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We nurture our talent and arm them with vital skills to satisfy the most urgent demands of employers targeting tech excellence.



Emotional Intelligence

Fostering New Connections

Becoming Work Ready

A Hallmark of Quality

We’re a disruptor, pushing against the status quo, and applying a forward-thinking approach.

We know excellence when we see it - as do the next generation of driven individuals and ambitious companies we’ve supported, so far.

Here’s why our learners and employment partners choose Makers to support them on their respective journey:

"My experience at Makers Academy has been nothing short of awesome. Sure, I could have taught myself how to loosely code, but I wouldn't have made the connections, friendships, or solid coding practices without them. They provide you with fantastic resources, coaching help, practices that you can take into your career. The after Makers support has been better than any of the other courses I've taken."

- Raven Reynolds Sears, March 2022.

"I had a fear of asking questions but Makers coaches were clear with us saying there are no silly questions. No one is going to judge me, it was a really judgemental-free environment. Makers made me feel that what I want to do isn’t actually impossible and I really believe that everyone can do it. Makers was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

- Emanuele Gorga, October 2023

"We choose to hire Makers because we've had really great experiences with them in the past. They're always really successful with us and we really love their attitude, they're so eager and motivated and learn fast."

- Victor Morales, Global Organisational Design and Talent Lead, CearScore, November 2022

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