Apprentice Recruitment
 to Help Your Team Thrive

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Apprentice Recruitment, Made Easy

We understand that every business is different, so we'll work in collaboration with you to find apprentices that tick every box for your company.

Our selection process is inclusive but selective; we have deep experience and expertise in hiring on potential not background.

Before our apprentices are placed, we do our due diligence to understand your business, to ensure you gain skilled employees, fresh from a stringent selection process and intensive bootcamp who are ready to hit the ground running.

No square pegs. No round holes.

Just a perfect fit.

Help Your Team Flourish


Staff development should be front and centre for any company.

With Makers, you have the flexibility to approach apprenticeships in two impactful ways.

You can either tap into our pool of diverse, exceptional talent eager to join your ranks, or choose to reinvigorate and upskill your current staff, with specialist areas including Software Development, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, and Quality Engineering.

With each option taught by experts with copious experience in the field, it’s the ideal option for leveling up your team, improving their skillsets, and enhancing your team. 

Cloud Engineering

Data Engineering

Quality Engineering

Software Engineering

Our Partners

Join our growing list of employment partners who trust us with their hiring needs.


Regular apprentices enter a business little to zero experience in their chosen specialty.

But Makers Apprentices aren’t regular.

Upon arriving at your business, they’ll be equipped with experience and an eagerness to reach the peak of their powers. come to your company with experience.

We’ve supported over 80 employers source staff using apprentice recruitment.

Such is the quality on offer, many companies have put plans in place to help recruits climb the corporate ladder with our leadership programme.

Discover the thoughts of recruitment partners that Makers have helped find an apprentice to fill their vacancies at their company. 

"We find that Makers is very invested in the well-being of apprentices. They understand that there are two parts to it, technical skills and personal wellbeing. If these two things are not going hand in hand, it's going to be very difficult for someone to do well in an apprenticeship."

Maya Tudor, Google, February 2023

"It makes my heart sing when I see them come through the door and develop with our teams and become ambassadors for everybody else. They're fantastic, and they're doing so well in their careers."

Tracey Robinson, Chief People Officer, Zaizi, February 2023

"Apprenticeships have definitely helped Simply Business to shift the dial. We have had a very diverse cohort coming through the organisation, women Apprentice Engineers, which is absolutely fantastic."

Serena Vano, TechOps Analyst, February 2023

Frequently asked questions


How much will this cost me?

The cost of a our apprenticeship varies depending on the specific program, length, and delivery model. However, in most cases apprenticeship programs are funded through the Apprenticeship Levy, which allows employers to access funding for setting up and delivering apprenticeships within their organisations. Our team will be happy to provide detailed pricing estimates based on your specific requirements.

How much support do I need to give?

Employers play an integral role in apprenticeships by providing mentoring and on-the-job learning opportunities. We work in collaboration with Line Managers and apprentices to ensure that all parties feel supported and we deliver positive results for both the learner and employer. We provide a dedicated Placement Coach to support our learners whilst on programme and a Client Partner to support employers, ensuring key landmarks and competencies are achieved. 

Can I set my own entry requirements?

Yes, employers can set specific entry requirements for their apprenticeship programs in collaboration with Makers.

Why is the training front loaded?

F​​ront-loaded training ensures apprentices gain essential skills quickly, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to the workplace sooner. This both empowers the learner as they contribute more meaningful work sooner, and benefits the employer as it reduces time spent establishing base level competencies.

Find An Apprentice And Transform Your Team

Are you a consultancy, government department, social enterprise or tech firm? Whatever your business, we can help. 

Brace yourself for the future of tech, today, with levy-sharing for your team.

Pave the way for your team to recognise its full potential with fully-funded tech apprenticeships, propel your team’s prospects, and empower your business growth.

Stay ahead of the curve.