A Human Approach in a Defining Era


A New Syllabus, For a New Era

AI has already sent ripples through the business world.

And this is just the beginning. To ensure our learners stay ahead of the curve, we've revamped our Bootcamp curriculum.

Dive deep into enriched content, including modules on AI ethics and real-world applications, arming you with the knowledge to excel in this AI-centric era.

Understand AI With Our Centaurs Programme


In 1998 Kasparov coined the term ‘Centaur’ to describe the man/machine combination that was able to beat either man or machine in a game of chess.

We’re now entering a Centaur Economy. Those who thrive will seamlessly blend human and artificial intelligence.

A recent global survey of executives by McKinsey showed 40% are already planning to increase their investment in AI. So-called ‘AI high performers’ (companies already achieving a 20% EBIT boost from AI), focus on much broader capability building - across multiple functions - than peers.

The starting gun has been fired to build winning, Centaur companies.


The ‘Centaur’ programme supports organisation-wide AI L&D, equipping colleagues to be Centaurs and thrive in the new economy.

It’ll support colleagues to link AI to use cases achieve the following two goals:

1. Free up time to achieve the same outcomes.

2. Unleash new capabilities to achieve new outcomes

In line with the Makers philosophy, Centaurs is designed to build the LQ and resilience which will allow individuals to drive their own transformational journeys.

Embracing AI, Internally

We practice what we preach, and are exploring new ways to implement AI to transform our own working practice, including key areas such as sales and training.

The result? Up-to-date courses offering comprehensive tuition, and access to a talent pool brimming with expertise.

We’ve recognised AI’s benefits. It’s time for you to reap the rewards.

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