Train, Deploy
With Makers’
Accelerator Programme


Bridge The Gap Between
Ordinary And Excellent

There are two types of businesses:
those that exist, and those that excel.

You won’t move mountains
with mediocre talent.

This is where the Makers Accelerator
will help you thrive.

We provide our recruitment partners with access to quality talent, each of which has graduated from programmes taught by experienced industry professionals.

Recruit diverse, highly-motivated professionals sourced using our unique recruit, train, and deploy framework.

We’ll work with you to discover your skills requirements and understand your company culture, before developing a bespoke bridge training programme geared towards reducing onboarding time, deploying talent faster, and delivering talent that’ll hit the ground running.

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Recruit, Train and
A Trio to
Transform Your Team

Nobody wants to waste valuable time, money, and effort on recruiting employees that aren’t the right fit for their business.

Makers Accelerator Partnership uses a Recruit, Train, and Deploy framework to pair your company with professionals that fit like hand in glove, saving resources, without compromising quality.

Sourced directly from our diverse talent pool, our graduates are waiting in the wings to come onboard and help you fulfil your short term and long-term ambitions.



Every company is unique, and so are its needs. We start by understanding yours.

From there, we introduce you to candidates from our latest bootcamp cohort, ensuring a match that feels just right.

Rest assured, every candidate has been meticulously selected for their potential and prowess.



Once we’ve identified your skill requirements, we’ll formulate and deliver a bespoke bridge training programme for the chosen candidate to help them get up-to-speed and gain the relevant skills in your specific tech stack. All our bridge training programmes are delivered at a competitive day rate.



When the candidate has successfully completed the training, they’re ready to work on an initial 12 month contract.

During these 12 months, we’ll provide ongoing support to fulfill rapid progression and promotion, as well as employee retention.

Why Choose Makers?


Fast Track Recruitment

Our cutting edge approach to recruitment accelerates the onboarding process, so your candidates can get to work quicker. When you work with us, you will readily have access to a bright cohort of talent.

We assess your needs and match you with the right prospect for your business needs. To align chosen talent with your technology stack, we provide tailored bridge training so they can integrate with your team with the exact skills you need.


Diverse Talent Primed for Progression

Our exceptional candidates are sourced through an inclusive, rigorous selection process. They bring fresh perspectives and vigour that elevate your team to new heights.

But true diversity teams isn’t just about recruiting diverse talent; it’s about ensuring they thrive and stay.

With Makers, we focus on both hiring and retaining, ensuring a lasting impact on your team’s dynamics and success.


High Staff Retention Rate

Our employment partners who hire our talent see a 85% retention rate after their 12 months. Why?

They know quality when they see it, because we pick the right candidates for your team.


Our Partners

Join our growing list of employment partners who trust us with their hiring needs.

What Our Partners Say

“Makers accelerator is a conveyor belt of awesome. There’s no other source of recruitment I’d put this much energy into.”

Martin Aspeli, Partner - Deloitte Digital

Frequently asked questions

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What is the Accelerator programme?

The Makers Accelerator programme is designed to help companies hire and train quality software developers. It works by:

  • Recruiting - Makers screens candidates who have completed their intensive 16-week software developer bootcamp, selecting those who best fit the company's needs and culture.
  • Training - Makers creates a custom 2-4 week pre-skilling course to train the developers on the specific technologies and skills required by the company. This ensures the developers can contribute value from day one.
  • Deploying - The developers are then deployed into the company's teams on 12-month contracts, supported by ongoing coaching from Makers. Many reach mid-level status within a year.
  • Hiring - The goal is for the company to convert the Makers Accelerators to permanent hires after the 12-month contract ends. Makers facilitates a smooth transition process.

What are the key benefits of hiring through the accelerator programme?

The Accelerator programme provides several unique advantages for companies looking to hire and develop tech talent:

  1. Bespoke Skills Bridging - Makers provides custom pre-hiring training to bridge companies' specific skills gaps. This tailors developers precisely to project needs.
  2. Quality Talent - Rigorous screening results in only the top 5% of bootcamp graduates being placed. These are motivated, work-ready developers.
  3. Rapid Hiring - The talent pipeline produces 20+ Makers monthly who can join teams in as little as 2-4 weeks, enabling scalable on-demand hiring.
  4. Diversity - Makers developers boost underrepresented groups in tech, helping improve team diversity.
  5. Cost Efficiency - Hiring is done via fixed-term contracts with no IR35 risks. Makers handles taxes, payroll, etc.
  6. Conversion Potential - With skill building support, over 85% of Accelerators progress to mid-level and often convert to permanent roles.
  7. Supported Integration - Continuous placement support, coaching and monitoring helps ensure successful onboarding.
  8. Existing Expertise - Makers screens for career switchers with valuable industry experience, not just coding skills.

In summary, the programme adds rigor, personalization, speed, cost and risk reduction, and rich support structures to high-quality, pre-vetted tech hiring.

How does Makers support talent whilst on placement?

Makers provides ongoing support to the developers throughout their 12-month deployment to help them thrive:

  • Placement Support - Developers meet with a Makers placement coach every 4-6 weeks for mentoring and guidance.
  • Partnership Support - The company is assigned a Makers Client Partner who serves as a dedicated point of contact, conducting quarterly reviews and reporting.
  • Accelerator Coaching - Developers receive 12 months of career coaching covering topics like growth mindset, productivity, stress management, leadership, and goal setting. This can accelerate their progression from junior to mid-level.
  • Skills Support - Makers continues to mentor and develop the technical abilities of learners during their placement.
  • Wellbeing Support - Coaching covers self-care, managing anxiety and imposter syndrome, building resilience and confidence.

This multi-layered, holistic support system is designed to set Makers Accelerators up for success during their deployment and equip them with the hard and soft skills needed to convert to valuable permanent hires. It's a major factor in their high progression rate to mid-level roles.

What is the timeline for the accelerator programme?

The Accelerator programme is structured around four key phases: 

  1. Selection (2 weeks) - Makers works with the company to understand needs and culture, then selects qualified bootcamp graduates who align. A shortlist of candidates is provided for consideration.
  2. Pre-Skilling (2-4 weeks) - A custom skills bridging course is delivered to trainees focused on the company's specified technologies and competencies.
  3. Placement (12 months) - The developers are deployed into company teams on 12-month renewable contracts at agreed day rates. They receive intensive support and coaching throughout.
  4. Conversion (At contract end) - The goal is for Accelerators to convert to permanent hires. Makers facilitates this transition after the 12-month placements. Over 85% progress quickly to mid-level roles.

How can I learn more about the accelerator talent pool?

Our accelerator pool is a work-ready group of skilled professionals who can add value and integrate into your teams right away. 

  • Selectivity - Only 5% of Makers applicants are admitted ensuring very high caliber participants.
  • Skills - Graduates complete an intensive 16-week, full-time coding bootcamp led by industry experts. They gain extensive technical and collaboration abilities.
  • Work-Readiness - Makers are career changers with valuable prior industry experience and maturity. The program also builds critical soft skills.
  • Diversity - 42% identify as women or non-binary and 40% are people of color, providing greater diversity.
  • Self-Motivation - The training methodology centers on igniting self-directed life-long learning to power continuous skills growth.
  • Proven Progress - 85% of Accelerator developers reach mid-level roles within a year due to rigorous and ongoing skills building support.

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