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About the Bootcamp

The Makers Bootcamp is a full time course, lasting 16 weeks, that immerses you in the foundations of modern software engineering.

You’ll learn about web apps, databases, back end and front end, object-oriented programming, test-driven development and many other software and web practices and principles.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, as well as people with some experience.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to work in a team of engineers to build—from scratch—a fully functioning web or mobile app with multiple features.

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Why Choose Us?

We are the UK’s leading provider of tech training with over 10 years experience, and an award-winning approach to training.  We are supported by over 120 of the UK’s most innovative companies to create inclusive routes into tech.

Our personalised programmes and steadfast commitment to equal opportunities guarantees that every person who trains at Makers can Thrive. With us, you not only access pioneering training but also receive expert support every step of the way, setting you up for a successful career in tech.

Join our inclusive community today to unlock endless  possibilities for tomorrow.


Software engineering training

16 weeks

Training in the effective use of AI tools


24/7 access to our GPT-4-powered coaching bot


Wellbeing support and soft skills training


Careers training during the course


Comprehensive careers support, after the course

Up to 6 months

Loan of a Macbook during the course


Option to switch to Cloud/Devops specialism




We offer a 10% discount for gender minorities in tech.

There are Future Earnings Agreements available (i.e. income-sharing deals).

When and Where

Start: 16 September 2024
End: 17 January 2025
Mon-Fri (9.00-17.00 Full-time)

Hybrid/Remote Delivery
(Makers will be closed for Christmas break from 21st December to 6th January)

£8,500 incl VAT
Start: 18 November 2024
End: 21 March 2025
Mon-Fri (9.00-17.00 Full-time)

Hybrid/Remote Delivery
(Makers will be closed for Christmas break from 21st December to 6th January)

£8,500 incl VAT

What will I learn?


The Makers Bootcamp is designed to prepare you to be successful in a wide range of tech careers, including software, web, and fullstack development.

The focus of the Makers training is how to do well in your new career, not just learn how to write code. You’ll learn how to teach yourself new things really fast, with the help of our self-directed learning style.

Your learning at Makers will be supported by generative AI tools, like ChatGPT or Gemini, and you’ll get guidance on how to effectively use them in your learning and your work. You’ll also have access to our ‘coach bot’: a GPT-4 powered chatbot that will help you think through problems, without giving you the answers.

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Self-led Learning

  • At Makers, your goal is to learn how to teach yourself. You'll practise this skill, with our support, to get really good at it.

    Self-led learning is the most useful skill in a career in tech, which changes so fast. You'll face new challenges every day and have to solve them yourself - there won't always be someone there to tell you how to do it.

A Makers Tutor is helping a student work on a laptop at a workbench with 2 other laptops open

Learning in a Team

  • In your career in tech you'll work with other people to write software to solve problems. So, learning how to work with other people is as important as learning how to write code.

    At Makers, you'll spend a lot of time working in pairs and project teams. You'll also take part in our Emotional Intelligence curriculum, honing your soft skills.

Learning with Experts

  • Learning how to get the most out of your time with experts is another essential workplace skill.

    The Makers coaches are there to help you - they're the experts in the room - but it’s better when you try solving problems on your own first. If you're still stuck, then the coaches will be happy to help you get unstuck, but you should try your best to solve it yourself first, just like in the real world.

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Payment options & solutions

Our bootcamp courses cost £8,500 incl VAT. Learn more about payment & funding options, including our Income Sharing Agreement Scheme.


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    5 minutes

    Complete our online form and instantly receive detailed instructions for how to succeed in your application to Makers.

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    Up to 3 Weeks Maximum

    Learn the basics of the Python programming language, then practise your new knowledge in a series of short exercises.

  3. 03


    Up to 2 hours

    Now you'll be ready to put your skills to the test. Complete 4 more small exercises, with a 2 hour time limit, and show us what you’ve learned.

  4. 04


    30 Minutes

    You will be sent an email to pick a time suitable for an interview with our selection team to talk through your challenge results and learn a bit more about you.

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    Within 1 Week

    If you’re successful, we’ll offer you a place on the next available cohort (or a later one, if you prefer).

    Welcome to Makers!