The Makers Approach to
Talent and Growth

Building a successful future isn't just about hiring; it's about nurturing potential and fostering growth. While discovering passionate, top-tier talent can be a challenge, Makers offers a holistic solution.

Whether you're an aspiring tech enthusiast eager to hone your skills or a business aiming to elevate its team dynamics, we've been leading the way for the last decade.

With the recent advances in AI, the landscape is changing once again and we're as excited as ever to be working to change the face of technology.

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Routes to Success, Open to All


We provide a duo of avenues into the tech industry: Bootcamps and Apprenticeships.

After an initial 8-week introduction, you can then specialise in one of four areas:

Software Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Data Engineering

Quality Engineering


Specialist Tuition From Industry Experts

We don’t compromise on quality; to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

Whether you pursue a career in Software Development, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, or Quality Engineering, we’ve enlisted experts to teach you everything you need to prepare you for a fruitful career.
They’ve been there, done it, and have worn the T-shirt.

Similarly, if you’re a recruiting partner, you have assurances that your recruits have been educated by the best-in-class.

It’s a win-win.

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Recruitment Partnerships Worth Their Weight in Gold

Filling a vacancy is relatively easy.

But filling it with a candidate that’s tailor-made for your company is hard.

Our recruitment partnerships have been designed to help you overcome this problem.

First, we’ll discuss your company and requirements to gain a clear understanding of what you need.

Then, it’s a case of matching you with the right candidates from our diverse talent pool.

No guesswork. No mediocrity. No time wasted.

And as long as you’re a recruitment partner, a stream of talent keeps on coming.

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