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“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

This timeless advice rings true, especially in the tech world. Dive into a new chapter with Makers, your trusted partner in career transformation.

Whether you're eyeing a switch to coding, software engineering, or the broader tech landscape, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Turn your aspirations into reality.

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Makers Academy

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  • Fast-track to a lucrative career switch - Become work-ready and start your new career with a £30k- £40k salary.
  • Europe’s first bootcamp - We’re well-established within the tech space.
  • Choose how to learn - Learn remotely or study onsite at our London HQ.
  • Unlock amazing prospects - Our alumni include CTOs and founders of exciting start-ups. 
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  • Get Paid to Learn - Starting salary between £25k to £35k.
  • Work for an ambitious employer - We partner with renowned brands across the country.
  • Accredited qualification - Receive a recognised L4 qualification on completion.
  • Open to all - Never too late to become an apprentice, with ages of our apprentices ranging from 18 to 60.
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Building The Best Career Path For You

Tackling a career switch by yourself can be tricky.

Our seasoned experts aren’t just a source of education; they’re a source of support, guidance, and advice.

They’re your shining beacon, and will help you navigate the road to success in a variety of ways. Your tech coaches will help you learn the hard skills, your personal coaches will help you learn the soft skills, and your careers coaches will help you put it all together into a mega jobhunting strategy.

First, you’ll build a rock-solid foundation with our initial 8 week software engineering course. In the second half of the course, you’ll get to choose one of our specialisms; Software Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Quality Engineering.

Unlocking Opportunities For All

We’re on a mission to open opportunities to all and transform the face of tech.

Our talent pool is home to an enviable range of skill sets, a feat achieved through our inclusive approach and the diverse nature of our community.

We’re not transfixed by career background.
We’re captivated by potential.

It's not just about where you've been; it's about where you're going.

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What Our Graduates Say

"It would be a total lie to say it's not challenging and it's not difficult. If you're in a position in your life where you want to be challenged and you want to see how far you can go then Makers will give you that opportunity."

George Barrett, Alum 2023

"Within 6 months, I have gone from very novice coder to getting my first job as a developer and that is thanks to Makers. There is good support once you finish the bootcamp with a team of coaches rooting for you to get a job and celebrating with you when you do."

Jennie Evans, Alum 2022

"We had wonderful coaches who would spend hours with us to pair and make sure we understood. The whole Makers experience was really truly life changing for me."

Edyta Wrobel, Alum 2017

Why Learn With Makers

Learn How to Learn

Our training goes beyond teaching a specific coding language. Instead, we give you the skills to learn different coding languages independently. With the tech space constantly evolving, it’s vital you know how to pick up new coding skills to future proof your career.

Collaborative Training

Experience a real tech team work environment by actively collaborating with your peers. We encourage our students to get out of their comfort zones so they become better developers.  

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Software engineering is effective when different perspectives work together. As part of our training, you’ll learn how to work effectively in teams and build strong professional relationships with your colleagues. 

Trusted by Employers

We work alongside some of the biggest employers in the UK who trust us with their tech hiring. We go the extra mile in finding job opportunities that match your strengths and skills. 

Career Support

When you enroll in our learning programmes, you become part of vibrant community, offering career advice, CV support, and interview preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does your courses cost?

Our 16 week bootcamp courses costs £8,500 (VAT included). We will ask you to pay the deposit and then the remaining fees in a lump sum.

What do I need in order to take part in the remote course?

When training remotely, each Makers student should make sure they have:

  • A laptop (we can lend you one!)
  • A good internet connection
  • A comfortable space to work from
  • Headphones and a microphone
  • Registered for a free Zoom account (https://zoom.us/)
  • Downloaded the zoom client from that page (Resources > Download Zoom Client)

How can I learn more about your curriculum?

Download our full curriculum here. This provides details on our Software Development, Data Analytics, Cloud Engineering (DevOps) and Quality Engineering (Test) courses. 

Please note that this is subject to change as our courses are constantly being developed and refined over time.

How much programming do I need to know to join?

Before joining Makers you'll be asked to complete several coding resources. This is to ensure you enjoy coding on a daily basis and that you have the base level of knowledge to follow the first few weeks of the course. The first language you'll learn at Makers is Python, here are the resources you'll need to complete to join: 


Codewars - This is an online platform where you'll be asked to score 100 honour points. Only attempt the 7th and 8th level katas. 

Makers Python Challenge - When you apply, we'll send you a resource designed by our coaching team. 

Coding Challenge - You'll complete an online coding challenge in Python to assess your skills. 

Any other resources? 

Whilst the above resources are the only ones you'll need to complete for your application, Codecademy Python is also a handy resource for beginners to get started.  

Overview of our specialisms: Software Development, Data, Cloud and Quality Engineering.

Makers offer programmes in 4 specialisms: Software Engineering, Data, DevOps (Cloud) and Test (Quality). These are all available through our bootcamp or apprenticeship route. 

The first eight weeks of all programmes focuses on Software Engineering Fundamentals. After this, students select a specialism to focus on for the second eight weeks. Click here for a full breakdown of each programmes curriculum. 

We aim to run all specialisms for each cohort however this cannot be guaranteed due to capacity and resourcing considerations. Where this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible and discuss your options. 

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