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With Makers, you're not just hiring; you're investing in the future of your team and technology.

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Explore our trio of tech hiring options, and bring your vision to life:

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Fast Track Hire

  • Expert talent matchmaking to find a suitable candidate.
  • Bring chosen candidates up to speed in less than 4 weeks.
  • Bespoke bridge training programme to suit your needs.

Hire an Apprentice

  • Build a sustainable talent pipeline.
  • Upskill your existing team.
  • Eligible for the government apprenticeship levy.
  • Our apprenticeship program has the highest pass, completion, and attainment rates in the country.
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Upskill Your Tech Team

  • Improve your talent retention.
  • Upskill top performing tech team members to managers.
  • We deliver training to your requirements.
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Tech Hiring Solutions
Driven by Diversity

Diversity is a vital cog in the engine of achievement.

Diverse teams are the driving force behind better products, delivering alternative perspectives, challenging conventional thinking, reflecting a wider customer base, and enriching your company culture.

Our Makers, graduates of our programs, hail from all walks of life, with our talent selection focused on helping our applicants thrive, regardless of their background.

Embrace diversity in your tech team and watch your company flourish.

Our Partners

The ‘know, like, and trust’ principle is at the cornerstone of successful business.

If people don’t know you, they won’t do business with you.

If people don’t like you, they won’t do business with you.

And, if they don’t like you, they won’t trust you, and won’t do business with you.

We set lofty goals and expectations for ourselves, which we reflect in every aspect of our service.

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The result?

People know us; we’re a go-to source for hiring tech talent.

Companies like us; we offer tech hiring services that meet their requirements.

And most importantly, they trust us implicitly to do the job time and again.

As a result, we’ve formed key partnerships with highly-respected companies, who have reaped the benefits of our support

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What Our Partners Say

"I've had a long relationship with makers over a number of years, discovered them probably about six years ago, and we started recruiting, and we pretty much haven't stopped since."

Danny Attias, London Business School, Sept 2023

"We have a wonderfully diverse group of staff that have come from [Makers]. We have people with energy, they are self-driven, and they are constantly wanting to learn and improve, and they're just an absolute joy to deal with."

“The training that they do with Makers gears them up to be huge problem solvers.”

Ghulam Rasool, Transformation Lead, Ford Motor Company, Sept 2023

"Makers are really, really helping Simply Business bring through that diverse talent."

Louise Rushmere, Head of TechOps, Simply Business, Sept 2023

"Brilliant collaboration: the partnership with Spendesk has allowed us to really work with people that have an alternative pathway, that are excited by building diverse products, which is very important to us."

Laura O’Callaghan, Head of Talent, Spendesk, Sept 2023

Why Makers Is Perfect For Hiring Tech Talent

Work-Ready Talent, Rearing to Go

Our training equips students with essential skills to make an immediate contribution to your tech team. 

A Practical Approach to Education

Our students learn how to be proactive so they can learn new code independently and work effectively in teams, with real life team environments replicated via pair programming. 

Broad Access to Diverse Talent

Our inclusive talent selection process and commitment to diversity helps us provide a variety of candidates with the right aptitude and character suitable for your business.

Tailored Hiring To Suit Your Needs

We take the time to get to know your business, assessing your needs and current tech stack to find the right hiring solution.

Unrivalled Access to Exceptional Talent

With coveted spaces for our courses reserved for elite prospects, rest assured, your company will be paired with top-tier talent to suit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Makers do?

At Makers, we train individuals from diverse backgrounds in software engineering fundamentals and current technology practices to help them transition into technology careers. We also partner with companies to understand their talent needs and match them with our expertly trained career-switchers.

How can I hire someone?

You can hire through Makers by contacting our team to discuss the roles you need to fill along with any specific requirements. We'll then work to identify candidates from our talent pool who would be a strong match and facilitate the interview and hiring process.

Do you just focus on Juniors?

While Makers does have a strong focus on developing junior talent ready for their first technical roles, we also cater to mid-level and senior reskilling through tailored programs. Please contact the team to learn more about our Leaders and Centaurs programmes. 

How is Makers different from a recruiter?

We differ from a traditional recruiter as we manage the end-to-end selection, training and placement of our candidates. We can also tailor our training to meet your specific tech stack. This means we have an astute understanding of each candidate's unique strengths and career background, allowing us to curate handpicked shortlists of candidates to meet your requirements. 

What makes Makers different from other providers?

Makers differ from other providers  due to our focus on a growth mindset, practical skills, and a strong track record in diversity. We take a holistic approach to education ensuring our learners are not only equip with the technical skills needed to thrive in new careers but understand how to work within tech teams, lead their own learning and take a structured approach to problem solving.

What salary do people have when they leave Makers?

Salaries for Makers graduates vary based on factors like employer, location, and role specifics. However, our candidates typically command competitive entry-level and early-career salaries within the technology industry after completing our programs.

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