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For over a decade, Makers has delivered pioneering training. We’ve built a community of diverse career changers that want to make a difference.

We partner with ambitious employers who are keen to innovate. Our employment partners trust us to find them the best talent because we nurture work-ready professionals.

Our training is different. We don’t just teach our talent how to code. Instead, we teach them how to become life-long tech professionals.

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Jake Pilikian

Software Engineer at Deloitte
Specialism Software development

Ellie Kelsch

Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify
Specialism Software engineering

Josh Blumberg

Software Engineer at Monzo
Specialism Software development

Debora Piu

Platform Engineer at Skyfii
Specialism Software development

Jake Pilikian

Software Engineer at Deloitte

Seeking a better work-life balance and higher earning potential, Jake transitioned from customer service to pursue a tech career in 2019. At Makers, he found a vibrant learning environment among passionate, ambitious peers. 

He says “During my time at Makers I learned to work with many different people with different learning styles, and the ability to pick up new technical ideas quickly. These skills have been instrumental in my professional growth.” 

Jake currently works as a Software Developer at Deloitte Digital, where he regularly applies the expertise gained at Makers to his day-to-day responsibilities. 

Ellie Kelsch

Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify

Ellie transitioned from Office Management to the tech industry, having worked in a role supporting an engineering team in a startup. Having navigated various administrative roles after dropping out of veterinary medical studies, she sought a more engaging career path. Exposure to tech at the startup prompted her to explore coding courses, eventually propelling her into changing careers. 

Reflecting on her Makers experience, she highlights the onsite, full-time format as pivotal for her motivation. The collaborative workshops provided a stimulating learning environment and a community of people to lean on for support. 

During her time at Makers, Ellie acquired skills including JavaScript programming, the basics of scrum and agile methodologies. Crucially, the course emphasized the importance of working as a team rather than as an individual contributor which has proven instrumental in her professional growth.

She says “At Makers they don’t just teach you how to code, they teach you how to teach yourself and that has been the biggest helping hand in my engineering career so far.” 

Ellie now works as an Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify having previously held engineering roles at Compare the Market and Lego. 

Josh Blumberg

Software Engineer at Monzo

Josh joined Makers in 2020, aiming to transition from digital marketing to a career in tech. His ambition was to move into a role where he could leverage his technical and analytical skills while minimizing the time he spent in meetings—a common aspect of his previous job in marketing.

Josh was initially drawn to Makers due to the focus on practical skills and employability. He found the group projects and workshops from experienced coaches the most beneficial and enjoyable.

While on the bootcamp, Josh developed a comprehensive skill set, including full stack development in a number of languages and frameworks and working in agile teams. Most importantly, he developed a drive to stay focused and committed to solving challenging problems.

Josh is currently a Backend Software Engineer at Monzo. He says "The skills I gained at Makers have played a vital role in my professional development and greatly contributed to my success as an engineer."

Debora Piu

Platform Engineer at Skyfii

Debora joined Makers in 2018, seeking a transition from the hospitality industry to tech. At Makers, she acquired tech skills that positioned her as a software engineer and facilitated her transition into platform engineering later in her career. 

Makers' emphasis on continuous learning became her guiding principle in the constantly evolving tech industry. It transcends mere coding; possessing the right mindset is crucial for adapting and thriving amidst changes.

A takeaway from Debora's Makers experience was the significance of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. On the bootcamp, mistakes were seen as invaluable learning opportunities. This insight steered her towards workplaces committed to ongoing learning and personal development.

Debora advocates conducting thorough research and fostering a network when selecting a bootcamp. Connecting with fellow learners, mentors, alumni, or professionals can significantly impact one's journey.

Embracing the learning curve and acknowledging that growth occurs beyond comfort zones is essential. She says "Don't be disheartened by fearing failure, instead learn from setbacks, stay curious and updated on new technologies, tools, and methodologies. 

Imposter syndrome is a common experience, believe in your potential and measure progress against yourself rather than seeking perfection."

Debora is now based in Lisbon working as a Platform Engineer for AI startup, Skyfii. 

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Diversity at Our Core

We have built a community that is proudly inclusive and has a diverse range of perspectives for tackling engineering challenges.

At Makers, we look at an applicant’s potential rather than their qualifications or background. To help us find the best, we welcome everyone to apply, regardless of age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Why Choose Makers?

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We Teach Futureproof Skills

We don’t teach a specific coding language. Instead, we equip our students with the skills to independently explore and experiment with new coding languages. This makes them highly adaptable in an ever-changing industry. Plus, all our students work in teams to replicate a real tech team work environment.

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Inclusive but Selective

Our selection process focuses on potential, not on previous qualifications. We encourage everyone to apply before hand picking the best candidate.

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Community Driven

Be a part of an active community that wants to build a better future for the software engineering space.

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Experienced Coaches

Our team of qualified coaches have years of industry experience and are experts in their field of specialism. 

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Whether you want to switch your career or to hire talented software engineers, Makers is here to build a better future for you. Start your journey today.

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