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We exist to transform lives. We have trained over 2,200 people to become professional software engineers, working for 300+ leading brands. Our mission is to transform lives by training tech professionals through integrating education and employment. Interested in finding out more? Sign up and we’ll send you our weekly newsletter.

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Hire Software Engineers from Makers

If you’re an employer looking to hire quality software talent, we’d love to talk to you to find out what you’re looking for. We’ll email you first to get in touch and arrange the best time to chat. We currently run an Academy program that can support you in hiring full-time employees or contractors, and Apprenticeship program.

Makers Pathway

Our Pathway product is designed to help you find exceptional software engineers without breaking the bank. It’s customised to match your internal progression framework, supporting Junior Developer contractors during their first year. Afterwards, your team can hire a full-time employee — having had an entire year of relevant experience with them.

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Deloitte and the Pathway

See for yourself the effect that Pathway could have on your business. Read about Deloitte’s success in hiring for their tech team using Makers talent.

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Makers Academy

Our 12-week course is designed for career-changers with experience in the workplace. The goal-directed curriculum empowers every tech professional we train to take ownership over their career trajectory.

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Makers Apprenticeships

Our apprenticeships are the equivalent of foundation software engineering degrees. We frontload the 12 month training so that our people add value in the workplace from day one.

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Places Makers Work:
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Empowering your junior devs to navigate complex codebases

Calling all CTO’s, tech leads and mentors.

If you’re running a tech team, you want to help your junior developers to be able to contribute as soon as possible. Complex codebases can be overwhelming for even the most confident junior, and it’s hard to strike the balance between guiding them through the process versus letting them figure it out on their own. At this event we’ll hear how you and your senior team can help junior get up to speed with complex codebases.

We’ll discuss:
  • What your juniors need from you when it comes to navigating complexity (but don’t know how to ask for);
  • Frameworks to equip junior developers with, that fast-track their development.
  • Tips on how leading tech teams have mitigated the risk of junior developers deviating from clean software construction principles;

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“From technical knowledge to natural curiosity, Makers always introduces us to the right people. Makers gives us a different type of software engineer: people who are work-ready, who bring a breadth of life experience and innovative ways of thinking.”

Jade Daubney,
Graduate Talent,
UK ThoughtWorks

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“An ability to teach yourself new things is ingrained into the curriculum at Makers Academy, and everyone there is passionate about learning new skills. A pipeline of smart people is more important than hiring for specific roles. Deloitte Digital has hired 25 people from Makers Academy in less than 1 year.”

Martin Aspeli,
Head of Engineering,
Deloitte Digital

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“Makers Academy engineers can actually code: they’re able to approach a problem and build a quality solution. From our experience, they have all hit the ground running, where university grads can have a bigger learning curve because of the lecture environment. Makers engineers add value from day one because the course structure simulates the real world.”

Dan Bass,
Head of Product,
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If you’re an employer looking to hire quality software talent, we’d love to talk to you to find out what you’re looking for. We’ll email you first to get in touch and arrange the best time to chat.

Or give us a call on +44 (0)203 817 8872

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