Fellowship Success Story: Igor Ryabchuk

Hired in July 2018

From Law to Tech.

Igor worked as a solicitor for thirteen years. He’d dabbled in code throughout his life and after a restructuring at his company decided to turn his hobby into a career. He’s now set to begin working as a junior developer at Tesco. 

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“When I got to Makers I was very happy about the level of human variety. I enjoyed the entirety of it. I find it very liberating.”

I was a solicitor for thirteen years. There was restructuring in the company and I thought it was a good opportunity to reassess where I was. I wasn’t enjoying my job. I thought, what is it that I enjoy doing and I distinctly remember all the little times that I was playing with code in my life. The enjoyment of getting it to work and solving problems and learning new stuff so I thought, yeah.

I looked at three bootcamps. Makers was a bit of a concern, I read something saying the careers team is too small, cohorts are too big but there was a response from the team saying our cohorts are all now 20 – 24 and following feedback we’ve increased the careers team to 11 people and if there’s any problem come and speak to us. I thought – these people are engaged. I emailed and they were very open! So Makers came out on top. And I applied.

It’s a very complex experience. It’s a life-changing experience, what it means is a significantly bigger question. Something that I’m still processing. My outlook on life has changed in the sense that I’m surrounded by people who are open to new ideas who are encouraging in their outlook on life and… it’s not hard its new. You find yourself in a tribe of people. It’s not a community. It’s not a family. It’s bigger than those things. You find yourself in this tribe, that’s the only way to describe it, of like-minded people who are like you and not like you at the same time.

I think the whole experience, you need to take it as a package. It’s learning about the code, learning to learn, adopting a particular mindset to the whole concept of facing a problem and translating that into practical steps. It’s the variety of the people you’re with. It’s the way your preconceptions are challenged by the experience of the coaches. The profession I was in before required a particular… conformism. When I got to Makers I was very happy about the level of human variety. I enjoyed the entirety of it. I find it very liberating. Now I’m finished I’m looking forward more learning. To meeting all the beautiful brains. This is the one thing you can count on, genuinely, in this field. Meeting new people. Learning new stuff. It’s bigger than just coding.



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