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Why BGL Group loves Makers

Makers is Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp and we’re proud to partner with BGL Group to offer a Software Engineering Apprenticeship. In this video, you’ll see how BGL Group have created the perfect environment for Makers to start their software engineering careers.

Student Journey

Selection: 2-3 months Apprentices must pass employer and Makers Apprenticeships selection processes
PreCourse: 1 month Apprentices take a 4-week foundation course on the basics of coding. This is done remotely with online coaching support
Main Course: 3 months Apprentices take a twelve-week programme from a Makers Apprenticeships location, with full coach support. The Main Course will enable you to become a Junior Software Developer as well as allow you to start to build up your portfolio, ready for the Endpoint Assessment.
Placement: 8 months You’ll start your new role at the employer’s office, with frequent support from our coaches. You’ll be a full -time developer just 4 months after starting the programme. You’ll continue to build your portfolio and develop your skills through this stage.
Assessment: 5 days Apprentices are assessed according to their portfolio, project and synoptic interview performance.

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