Find out how to become a Maker

Learn more about how to become a Maker and our 16 week full-time coding bootcamp via the resources below. We run weekly group Q&A sessions which are a great starting point to help with any questions you might have.

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Learn all about the Makers bootcamp and navigate our application process via our student brochure.


Payment options & solutions

Our bootcamp costs £8,500 incl VAT.
Learn more about payment & funding options, including our Income Sharing Agreement Scheme.

Join a live online info session

Join our weekly live information sessions to learn more about the Makers application experience and get all your burning questions answered.

Talk to our team

Have any of your questions answered by our friendly admissions team.

Course dates

The application can take up to 2 weeks, so we advise you to apply sooner rather than later to give yourself plenty of time to work through the entry materials.

Start: 10 July 2023

End: 27 October 2023

Hybrid/Remote Delivery


Mon- Fri
(9.00- 17.00 Full-time)


£8,500 incl VAT

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Makers application process

We’ve told you a bit about us, now it’s your turn

Apply online
5 Minutes
Complete a short online application to provide some basic information about yourself.
Call with admission
Within 2 days of application
Our team will call you to discuss your application, answer any question and walk you through the next steps in your application.
Play with the basics of code
Approx 2-3 weeks
Complete some short coding resources.
Makers coding challenge
1-3 days

Time to put your skills to the test with our Coderbyte challenge.The challenge is 1 hr long and contains 4 mini challenges like the codewars task.

30 Minutes
You will be sent an email to pick a time suitable for an interview with our selection team to talk through your challenge results and learn a bit more about you.
Congratulations! We will let you know if you have been accepted onto the bootcamp.

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