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“Makers Academy often receives requests from firms to provide software engineers from minority groups in a well-meaning but misplaced attempt to address the lack of diversity in technology. The organisation’s 12-week software engineering training course uses an inclusive but selective process to give those seeking a career change the skills they need, not only to code but to learn and develop continuously to cater to the fast-paced world of tech.” Read here.

“Opinion varies about just how bad computer science university degrees are in preparing students for the world of work. But the reality is that a host of alternative coding schools have sprung up in an effort to plug the gap.” Read here.



“Brexit may force U.K. businesses to double down on digital transformation efforts to leverage homegrown talent that can be supported by the U.K. government’s apprenticeship levy.” Read here.



“Coding apprenticeships will be very popular in the future, because of how accessible it makes the industry for people who didn’t consider it an option earlier.” Read here.





“Makers, a London coding school that has received accreditation to deliver advanced apprenticeships, said many tech companies are already struggling to find qualified staff to replace departing EU employees.” Read here.


“Created in partnership with Makers, London’s leading software development programme, Code Ready gives frontline employees in Vodafone retail stores and contact centres the opportunity to retrain as developers in just 16 weeks. It’s fully funded by Vodafone, so employees don’t need to pay a fee to learn to code.” Read here.



“We hope that by publishing and celebrating the winners, we will encourage more women to enter the software developing profession and to make a significant contribution to the future of technology and innovation.” Read here.



“From our first year we offered a discount to female applicants to make the course slightly more accessible and to send a signal that women, being underrepresented in tech for no good reason, are particularly welcome to apply.” Read here.



“Coding was once a field dominated by women. From the 1940s to the 1960s, about 90 per cent of computer programmers and systems analysts in the US were female.” Read here.

“With only 19% of the tech workforce in the UK made up of females – Makers Academy and Level39 are taking on the challenge and highlighting the leading women that are increasingly shaping the future of forward facing businesses in Britain.” Read here.

“When I was growing up, my mother was a stay-at-home mum. I somehow thought that was going to be my future. I don’t want my girls to think they don’t have options — they see how I am now.” Read here.

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